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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a term that refers to specialist care for seniors who are
affected by Alzheimers or other forms of memory impairment.

Who needs Memory Care?

Memory Care is usually for people suffering from mid to late stage dementia or memory impairment. You may want to contact the doctor If you notice changes in your loved ones behaviour, confusion or disorientation that impede their or others safety.

How is Memory Care different from Assisted Living?

While it exists under the umbrella of assisted living memory care includes a higher degree of clinical care to provide for the special needs a person who is suffering with Dementia or other forms of memory impairment. At La Pueblita, our memory care building will include daily programming to keep residents engaged and active, physically, mentally and socially.

How much does Memory Care cost?

Residents affected by dementia of memory impairment are very unique and at La Pueblita we have two levels of care, standard and advanced. Please click the link below to arrange a chat with one of our representatives who can find out what your needs are based on your loved ones personal circumstances.

What services are included in the cost?

At La Pueblita we offer 2 levels of care in Memory care. Standard and advanced. Standard care includes assistance with personal care, medications, mealtime assistance 3 meals a day plus snacks and transport services. Advanced includes Incontinence management and behaviour intervention. These levels of care are in addition to our general services and amenities. This and more information is on our memory care page.

What is the resident to staff ratio?

Our staffing ratio is 1:6 but this can be variable and we can adjust according to the needs of our residents and the level of care required by each. We will have trained staff available 24/7.

Is there an emergency response system?

Each room has an emergency call system in the bathroom.
Staff are available 24 hours a day to attend to any emergency that you may have.

How will you keep residents safe?

Safety is one of the most important reasons families look for in a memory care unit. As a loved one’s disease progresses they may begin to wander, this is common but can also be dangerous. At la Pueblita we will have delayed egress on our doors, and monitor who enters and leaves the building, and wander alert bracelets. Visual cues will help distract residents from doorways to the activity and living areas, also structured meaningful activities will help to keep your loved one from wandering as they will be engaged.

How do Residents stay active and engaged?

All our staff will be given initial training on assisting residents with dementia, and ongoing inservices to keep up to date with the newest information on dementia care techniques. Staff will be trained through interdepartmental training no matter what their job title. We have developed a journeys program offering cognitive stimulation, opportunities to connect with others, comfort and relaxation. Also physical activities for strength, balance and mind.

Does Memory Care include Medication Management?

Yes, La Pueblita offers medication management in memory care. Medication timing and dosage are vital to our residents with dementia and memory impairment. Management includes initiating Dr’s orders and liaising with the pharmacy for refill orders. and trained nurses and staff for administering medications.

Is Memory Care staffed 24 hours

Yes, we will have staff working shifts over a 24 hour period, so you can take comfort in knowing your loved one will have assistance available and continuous wellness checks day and night

Is visiting allowed in Memory Care?

Memory care welcomes visits for family and friends, because of the challenges that accompany memory loss we ask visitors to be respectful of residents privacy and be mindful of causing disruption during mealtimes or when the resident might be sleeping. We will have a sign in and out sheet in our reception area, if you would like to take a loved one out either in the community or further afield, we ask that you inform a staff member first.

Are memory Care rooms furnished?

All of our Rooms in our memory care building are empty waiting for you to furnish to your loved ones taste. They are spacious and bright rooms with a walk in shower and lots of storage.

What should I bring for my loved one who is moving into Memory Care

We have a comprehensive list that details personal items from furniture to clothing and accessories. We want this to be an opportunity to create a new home for your loved one, we will help you create a comfortable safe environment where your loved one can thrive and receive a higher level of care they need.

How do I arrange a visit?

Contact our office with the link below and our team will talk to you
about your personal circumstances and how we can meet your
individual needs.

When will La Pueblita be open?

Our Early move in program is already available for Independent residents. Our Memory care facility should be up and running, fully staffed and operational by March 2021.

What about Covid?

The measures established by La Pueblita aimed at the prevention and control of Covid-19 are those recommended by the World Health Organization and the Mexican Ministry of Health. Our policy is available for you to read should you request to see it.

Can a couple live together in memory care?

We all age at different speeds, and a couple who have been together for a long time might have different needs in care. If your loved one suffers from dementia and needs memory care and you are independent, it might be easier for you if your partner has a room in memory care and you can live in an apartment within the community. We all know caring for a loved one with dementia can be stressful and very tiring 24/7. La Pueblita wants the best possible arrangement for all of our residents, we want everyone to live the best life they can. In memory care your partner can receive the specialized care they need, freeing up your time so you can spend quality time with your partner, walks, outings, activities, and much needed ‘me time’ knowing that your partner is well cared for and safe. Do not hesitate to talk to our medical team to find the best option for you.

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