We have prepared for COVID 19

Being in a controlled community, under all health and hygiene protocols, allows you to reduce the risks of contagion. In La Pueblita there are standardized actions that will allow the risk to be less. Remember that we have a concierge service which can support you in activities that you need to do outside the community.

Strict control and protocols in

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Food preparation

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Beverage preparation

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Product sourcing

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Activities with residents

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Common spaces

All our personnel have security measures in place and will be constantly evaluated to guarantee the safety of the community

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Our staff will be making calls to independent living residents each week. It may be as simple as seeing how they’re doing with the isolation, or if they need any supplies. It gives our residents a chance to speak with someone and know that they’re being thought of. We are aware of those who live alone and check with them often to ensure they’re doing okay.