Why Mexico?

warm culture in México
img lifestyle it's the warm culture
retirement in Ajijic
img lifestyleit's the weather
Living in Ajijic Jalisco
img it's the enviroment
Ajijic is now the ninth Magical Town of Jalisco – “Pueblo Mágico”
Because of its meaning in the Nahuatl language, Axixic – ¨ Place where water springs “, is one
of the oldest villages in Mexico, founded in 1531 as a Spanish settlement.


img apapacho

Embrace the soul
with the energy of the heart

Retirement life should be about spending time doing great things with great people.
This simple philosphy is what helps drive the lifestyle and atmosphere at La Pueblita

Providing Whole-Person Wellness to Seniors

A center for healthy living (CHL) is a new building typology that supports seniors through all the dimensions of wellness, and may be one program and building or a collection of programs/services and spaces.

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