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Living in a smaller space has potential advantages.

Here are the biggest benefits.

Surely you’ve heard the famous phrase “Less is more”, written by the British author, Robert Browning, whose meaning is get ride of the excess, focus on the essentials and take enjoyment from the simpler things of life.

This concept was embraced by the world of arts and architecture and has also been adopted as a philosofy and lifestyle, It covers more than material aspect, and extends to other areas: professional, emotional, psychological and spiritual; by the same token to the household size.

If you think about the space you are currently living in and examine where you spend most of your time (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and favorite chair for reading and watching TV) you will realize most of the other areas of your home are rarely used.

Downsizing your home has a potential advantages in the field of finance, time and environmental impact. Here we list just a few of the most popular ones:


1.- Cost- Saving

Households expenses are relative to its size. Mortage payment are lower and consume less core resources such as water, energy and gas. It’s easier to keep smaller spaces warm or cold. Maintenance and decoration costs are also lower and this is a great opportunity to save money and allocate it to other needs.


2.- Free Time

Time is a non-renewable resource with indisputable value, and we all appreciate the opportunity to invest it in what we really love to do. Larger spaces require a greater challenge in terms of organization, cleaning and maintenance, while small spaces give us the chance to reduce time spent on household chores and take advantage of free time.


3.- Reduced Consumption

Limited spaces help prevent the accumulation of additional belongings, so you form the habit of being more organized and buying only what is really necessary; clothing, furniture, furnishings, household appliances, everything is prioritized and simplified.


4.- Lower Stress

Choosing a simpler lifestyle helps to detach from material things, not to worry about making decisions on trivial matters, to be happy with what you currently have and focus on what is truly valuable.

If you’re talking about moving or making a change in your home, these may be things to consider, depending on your current goals and needs.

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