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The best retirement plan is waiting for you.

Are you about to reach retirement and don’t know what to do with your upcoming free time? Are you a senior looking to extend your life further, with adventure? Is it your wish to continue the excitement but fear of your safety and needs? Have you thought of moving abroad after retirement but feel insecure of how life would be in a foreign country? Are retirement senior living communities in your radar?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, you might want to know more about La Pueblita.

La Pueblita is a vibrant senior living retirement community. 

                But, what makes it unique? You might have heard about retirement communities before, but La Pueblita is a pioneer type of residential complex for senior care in the warm and welcoming country of Mexico. 

                It is a world class retirement community you can compare to the best rated senior living communities in Canada or the U.S.

But adding an advantage: it is placed in a much cheaper place, with excellent weather, charming people and a lot of culture and tradition to learn from.

Moving abroad to a retirement community.

                 Getting older must not be a synonym for shriveling up. This social misconception is proven to be an important cause of anxiety and depression during what could be one of the most joyful and fructiferous stages of life.

La Pueblita is a place where you can lead a retired life full of peace and comfort, but with all the facilities for remaining active.

Offering a variety of amenities such as a fully equipped gym, a library, a beauty salon, a swimming pool, dining rooms, yoga classes an open-to-public healthcare center, and a bunch of other activities where you can get to know other people in your same age range, who will potentially share your same tastes and interests and with whom you’ll be able to establish fresh friendships and social relations. 

                  In our changing modern world, saving ahead in a retirement account is a good thing to have in mind, as it is to plan for senior housing. It is after getting retired that we find ourselves with much more time and resources to finally do what we thrive to do.

Without any external pressure, it is a time where the only concern must be to enjoy the moment and serve ourselves fully. 

Different types of care.

We know that reaching the senior stage with dignity means fully accepting ourselves in a holistic way.

Honoring our minds, souls and embracing the physical changes that come with the passing of time. Some new needs may arise accompanying these changes, and La Pueblita specialized staff is pleased to walk with you though them.

               For this reason in La Pueblita the level of independence is up to you. You’ll always have the option of augmenting the assistance and attention grade, according to your specific needs. Family members are also welcome at any time they’d like to come and visit. Choose between two types of memberships and several living options, such as:

We know how much you value your independence. You might be self sufficient enough to keep leading an autonomous lifestyle. If your main concerns are to keep yourself physically active, increasing your social interaction or just changing your landscape and joining the best senior independent living community, La Pueblita is the option for you. 

                  On the Independent Living choice, you will not only conserve your independence by living in a residence of your own, but you’ll increase it by being able to stop worrying about daily tasks like housekeeping, home care, transportation or security. All this without forgetting that you’re still a part of the community and can ask for assistance and medical care anytime you need it.

In case you’ve been independent but your assistance needs grow bigger, you’ll be able to switch to the Assisted Living option without having to move from your own house or apartment. You’ll be supported by a specialized team, to provide you with the medical and personal long term care that you demand in order to maintain a great health and life quality.

La Pueblita is also ready to welcome you if you’re in a condition where you need continuous care and attention. This option is perfect for older adults with Alzheimer, dementia or similar conditions. If this is your case and you request to be a resident, a doctor will make an evaluation to determine the level of assistance you’ll need. In this living option you’ll be able to choose a private apartment within a secure monitored area.

The staff is available 24/7 to assist memory care residents in their daily living activities, but also to fulfill their medical and therapeutic specific requirements.

The location.

The location chosen for developing this dreamy senior living retirement community was Ajijic, an Oasis in the well known state of Jalisco. Jalisco is discussed to be the birthplace of Mariachi music and Tequila; that is to say, it is a cultural capital in Mexico. 

                The municipality of Ajijic rests at just 40 minutes from Guadalajara; the second biggest city in the country. There you can find both tradition and all the amenities of a well-developed modern city.

               But, why Ajijic? Like we just said, Ajijic is close to a big city, but without all the noise and agitation that comes with the urban lifestyle. Instead, it is a perfect place to lead a peaceful and carefree life, with the option of remaining physically and socially active.

                 The word Ajijic comes from the Nahuatl root “Axixic” which means, “Where the water gushes”. And just like its name says, its lake flows as an energizing gush for whoever has the privilege to live there and gaze everyday in the landscape and colors of its sunsets and dawns.

The place is blessed by various factors:

  • It is located in the lake Chapala Riviera, surrounded by hills where you can also practice hiking in small or long trails.
  • Its weather is known to be one of the best in the whole world. Warm and fresh the whole year, it rarely goes up 33º or less than 1º in the winter season.
  • Ajijic is a tradicional mexican “pueblito”. Which means it is full of culture and tradition, populated by warm and welcoming people.

What to expect about International living?

Well, expect infinite wondering. Mexico is an enthralling destination full of history, great food, culture and tradition to keep you amazed. Mexicans are known to be friendly and warm people that make you feel at home. The vast nature gives its residents a revitalizing boost of stimulant energy to keep enjoying and thanking for each living day.

                 Don’t fear feeling like a foreigner, Ajijic has one of the longest foreign senior citizen living populations in the whole world. Most of its retired residents come from Canada, U.S and England so language and understanding will never be a problem.

                 Retirement must be an exciting journey and community life is the best way to open the heart to joy and excitement through collaboration. Without undermining independence, La Pueblita is by far, the best option for senior retirement living.

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