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Monday 7th SkyMed at la Pueblita

June Activities
Activities June 2021

SkyMed has 31 years of successful evacuations from Lakeside with over 1600 active members.

With full-time local team, including a bilingual medical advocate, SkyMed ensures top quality customer service.

SKYMED_Host: Christine Laberge
SKYMED Mesa de Trabajo

Monday 7th Bx+ Mexican Bank at la Pueblita

Be Safing Banking in Mexico

Host: Elizabeth Villaseñor

Friday 11th MC & AL Best Practices at La Pueblita

Host: Kate Street

One of our biggest challenges for families and residents is the transition moving from independent to assisted living. We’re all getting older, we don’t like to accept that we’re “Not as good as we once was”

We are self sufficient individuals who want to hold on to that independence for as long as humanly possible…..That is normal and understandable.

Approach an expert and dare to know the best practices to achieve wellness as a lifestyle. 


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