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Expensive Assisted living… Well, there are just a few things in life that are certain. Aging is one of them. We are all getting there and we all hope to do it in the most enjoyable and dignifying way.

Retirement communities

So the time arrives; one should decide between staying in the comfort zone for the rest of our lives, or stepping out to find a more comfortable one! But the real questions we make ourselves in this moment are: Have I planned enough for this moment? Am I ready to face the upcoming economic demands that retirement brings? Am I aware of all my options?

Why is assisted living for seniors so expensive?

So yes, one of the main worries when talking about retirement is money. When retired, we want to make the most of our income, and to save as much as possible. But also, we want to make sure to have all our basic and special needs covered.

Whether for us, or for a loved one, we would for sure chose the most delicious food, the kindest attention, all the amenities in hand, a loving and supporting community, and the best place to spend the days without worries.

Do not skimp. It is about how we want to spend our future! But, how much does this new stage of life is going to cost? 

In a retirement community there’s a whole staff to cover the daily living activities of every member, according to their living plan and level of autonomy.

They’re in charge of every day tasks. For the most independent plans, the staff should be aware of house care: doing beds, laundry, preparing meals or cleaning. And for those members who need more assistance, staff should be prepared to fulfill more demanding or specific tasks.

That includes personal care, like brushing and showering, transportation or medical assistance. These services are not cheap, specially in Canada.

Even though senior living communities are quite common all around the country, joining one, and deciding to age there can be quite expensive. 

According to Comfort life, and several forums about retirement in Canada, the monthly average cost for being part of a Canadian senior community ranges from $1,453 in the less to $4,500. Price of course, will vary on the level of care that is demanded.

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Independent living and levels of care

Some communities offer affordable independent living plans for seniors. Individuals who are not suffering from any physical or mental disease look for different care services than older adults who might be seeking for continuous assistance. And the same happens with housing. 

Social life is one of the secrets to a long life. There are many advantages of joining a retirement community and the living costs are much cheaper if you’re an independent senior. For example, you won’t have to worry about home care while living in your own personal apartment.

In La Pueblita, you’ll have all the chances to keep an active social life and the amenities (like pools, dining rooms, cultural and fitness centers, etc) to maintain a healthy and autonomous lifestyle. The cost of care rises up according to the level of assistance needed. This article might help you find out which one is the most appropriate for you.

Affordable housing for seniors abroad

Retirement can be experienced as a second life. An opportunity for a new beginning.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to start this dream life in a country where the cost of well-living is much cheaper, while at the same time, still being part of a Canadian community?

As a senior living community, La Pueblita, located at the Riviera of the biggest Mexican lake, offers housing and care services that can compete with the best retirement centers in Canada, Europe and the U.S. but a very much affordable price, as it is located in the warm and colorful country of Mexico.

Its perfect weather, its emerald green hills with flowers that blossom the whole year long, the delicious food, the low costs of living, and its warm people who would go out of their ways just to give a hand, are just some of the things that makes it a unique place to age.

Don’t be caught off guard! For senior living in Canada can be too expensive, and the cost of joining a retirement home might be too high, the best thing you can do is to take advice on a financial planner and start saving ahead. Retirement is not about going on a vacation trip or simply loaning a space. It is about aging with all the comfort, assistance and care, in the nicest place, and in the most pleasant way.

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